Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Update on Joshua

This Friday, Joshua will be 11 weeks old! It’s hard to believe. He’s been doing great! He’s up to 11 lbs. 12 oz. - he was 7 lbs. 6 oz. when he was born. Several weeks ago, he was spitting up quite a bit and the pediatrician suggested we start mixing rice cereal in with Joshua’s regular feeds. Since doing so, the little guy has been doing much better at keeping his food down. He’s also been sleeping fairly well. The other night, he slept a whopping 7 1/2 hours! However, that was a rarity. Typically, he’ll sleep 3-5 hours at a time.

Crystal goes back to work next week – that will really mix up our schedule. Fortunately, we’ll both be able to take turns watching him, and we also have some family members who are anxious to watch buddy boy when we can’t.

Joshua is making some big steps! (Well, not literally… we’re not ready for that… we haven’t baby-proofed the apartment yet!) He just started smiling last week and it seems that he recognizes our voices. His noises are very cute, and he keeps adding new sounds. One of our favorites is his word “un-gy!” which sounds strikingly similar to “hungry!” He’s really an active baby. He likes to kick his legs and swing his arms… and boy, is he strong! He’ll pinch our fingers until they turn white, and he can stand up for quite a while if we help to balance him!

Despite the lack of sleep, we really enjoy being parents, and are so glad God brought Joshua into our lives. When life gets challenging, we look at those big dark eyes and are reminded of God’s love and goodness.

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