Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Winding Down & Looking Forward

Well, I'm finishing up the last episode of Taylor's Attic (the puppet show) this week...what a relief...after 8 months of working with silly songs and crazy characters...I'm ready for something different. I've praying and asking God to show me what the next step is. He always gives us just enough knowledge to do His will in a given day. Sometimes, I wish the whole plan was laid out in front of me, so I could plan out every detail of my travels.

I should be recieving a new Apple Powerbook laptop this week. I'm really pumped about that. I've accumulated quite the music software/samples over the last couple years; some of the more recent upgrades I haven't even installed as both of desktop Macs (a G3 and an older G4) have been rendered useless with this ever changing world of technology. I'm hoping to start working on some new songs in the near future. Technology has progressed so much that you could basically compose an entire CD on your laptop. The mixing and editing stages might need to be reserved for a more hefty desktop machine, but there's quite a bit you can do on small portable notebook. The possibility of writing/composing songs in a coffee shop or at the park has fascinated me for years, and I'm finally just now breaking down and moving that direction.

Co-producer Dave Bechtel is creating submixed tracks for me today. Basically, he is mixing down groups of instruments from "Backstage Pass" (drums, keys, strings, etc.) so I can play back whatever recorded instruments I need in a concert setting. It's been difficult to have the full band with me everytime I play out. The option of substituting the recorded drums from the project (when my drummer can't make it to a show) is a great help. The cool thing is I should be able to run all these tracks from my powerbook. =)

Still trying to work out the details for the Nov 7th show at King College in Bristol, TN. As the puppet show winds down, I think I will have a bit more time to plan for this show, as well as upcoming shows. The band hasn't practiced in a while!! We need to start rehearsing reguarly again.

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