Monday, March 26, 2012

Anticipating Fatherhood

Crystal is due in two weeks. It’s surreal to think that we will soon be holding a real live baby in our arms - our first son. Am I nervous? Yeah, a little. Am I excited? Absolutely. Am I prepared? Not sure that there is any way you can completely prepare for parenthood. We know having a baby will change our lives, but it’s just a concept right now. Not long from now, we’ll be taking the plunge into parenthood, and yeah, the water may be cold and shocking at first, but we are trusting God will provide the right floaties at the right time. Maybe He’ll even bring along some great babysitters to help out when we are sleep deprived (ie. our experienced mothers)!

Musically speaking, who knows how the introduction of a child into our lives will fuel my creativity. For now, I know my studio is a little smaller than it used to be (as half the room houses a baby crib). Our boy may inspire some new directions and topics in my songwriting. It’s a new chapter! Fasten your safety belts!