Friday, September 05, 2008

Chickens Without Heads

I just wanted to give you all a quick update as it's been a long time since I've written in the blog. Life has been quite busy (but good) recently. Three weeks from tomorrow, Crystal and I will be getting married! We are very excited and the wedding planning is coming along well! We have the majority of the details worked out, but still need get the marriage license, pick up the rings, get the tickets for our trip to Aruba, print the programs, and finish a few other odds and ends. We've been to three bridal showers (I've hung out with the guys), two in Ashland and one in Indianapolis and the gifts are piling up in our already cluttered living room!

I've also been working hard on my friend Ben's short film The Horseman. We are slated to finish the music on September 15th and we are currently about 28 minutes into the 31 minute movie. In addition to this job, I just set up a new computer music system for a friend of mine, and transferred about 4 hours of cassettes to CD for a client. On top of this, I've been running sound on and off on Sunday mornings and at Saturday weddings. And of course, I have my 40 hour a week day job at the tv station. In a few minutes, I'm off to lead worship at my church's annual young adult retreat, and tomorrow, we're heading down to Dayton, where a friend of Crystal will be getting married. Sunday morning, I'll be running sound at church.

Next week will also be rather busy. Monday night, I meet with Ben again to work on the movie and Tuesday, I'm heading to Fort Wayne, IN for a music software seminar (Logic Pro and Waves plug-ins). Crystal will be going with me and we will be staying with my brother and his family for the night. I can't remember what happens after that because I don't have my calendar in front of me. I'm guessing it's something besides sleep.

We've been running like chickens with our heads cut off, but God has been good and has been providing for us minute by minute! I haven't forgotten about the blog and hope to get back to writing and analyzing in the near future.