Monday, December 12, 2005

Salvation Army

Just a little review on this last week's show at the Salvation Army on Front St. in Columbus, OH...

Wow, what a cool experience! What an encouragement it is to encourage others. Last wednesday, Rob, Joey, Chris and I were able to play a concert for 85+ guys at the Salvation Army drug/alcohol rehab center on Front St. in downtown Columbus. Our hour long set list consisted of songs from both "Dishes" and "Backstage Pass" as well as a few familiar rock covers from the 70's/80's. We closed with "Amazing Grace" with 80 voices filling the room. We could just sense the Spirit of God working in this place. Afterwards, we received tons of hand shakes and "thank you's." One of the guys in the band remarked that he had never been thanked that much in his life. After the show, we grabbed some ice cream in the kitchen and had the opportunity of talking with a couple of the guys enrolled at the rehab center. We heard some amazing stories of struggle and victory, and were encouraged as we were reminded of the power of God in the life of a submitted heart.

It's amazing the contrast you see between different concert crowds. The men at the Salvation Army had really experienced some true loss and struggle in their lives. They knew how to be thankful, because many of them had been to the bottom and had learned to appreciate God's faithfulness and forgiveness. You don't always see this sort of sincerity and gratitude at Christian schools and churches. We've played some gigs where Christian kids have been asleep in the front row. We can't appreciate the words of the Healer until we understand how sick we are.

A few other pictures from the Salvation Army

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Started working on some new songs this weekend. Also preping for a show tomorrow at the Salvation Army here in Columbus. Joey, Rob, Chris and I will be playing an acoustic set for 85+ guys. I pray that it is an encouragement to all of us. I've also been busy trying to set up gigs for next year, including some potential shows at a number of Indiana colleges.