Friday, September 30, 2005

One Puppet At A Time...

Lots is going on. Still working on Taylor's Attic, the kids tv show. I have 3 more shows to go, and then the first season is complete. We're now at the point of shipping one show out a week. For those of you who don't know, I work at a production company/tv station in Columbus, OH. This is what I do to pay my bills. Recently, I've also been producing some original music for Crown Financial Ministries in GA. In addition, I lead worship/play keyboards periodically at my home church.

God is good, and is always teaching me to trust Him more. The band thing continues to be on hold as I am so busy with the "day job." We're still planning to play at King College in Bristol, TN on Nov 7th. After I get through working on this kids show, I want to get back into playing out, and may start trying to write some new songs this fall (on my new laptop which I hope to get soon). I've been away from the blogging thing for quite some time, but hope to resurrect the hobby in the fear future.

I'm moving into a new condo this weekend, and am heading out on a young adult retreat next weekend. It's definitely been a great thing to be plugged back in with "community." I was pretty isolated during the production of "Backstage Pass."