Friday, November 04, 2016

With A Little Help From My Friends

One of the coolest aspects of music creation is the opportunity it often brings to make new connections and friendships. Today, I thought I’d spend some time highlighting some of the new creative partnerships that have made Right Where You Want Me a reality.

Amelia St. Studio
I began dreaming up Right Where You Want Me about four years ago. Once the song was written, I started to imagine what the artwork might look like, although my ideas were abstract and all over the map. In 2014, I attended a video gaming convention in Columbus, OH in hopes of finding some new custom music clients. While I was there, I ran into sisters Katy, Andrea and Jenny from Chicago/Columbus-based production company, Amelia St. Studio. They didn’t have any music work for me at the time, but about a year later, I found myself in need of some artwork. I contacted the oldest sister Katy and sure enough, they were in search of music for a documentary piece they were producing! We worked out a trade and the rest is history. Jenny was able to combine my ideas of bold colors, interweaving streets, GPS coordinates and integrated text into a beautiful design, which I used for the single cover!

I also had the opportunity to write the music for their Head to Head trailer, which you can watch here:

You can check out more of their work here:

Clay Media Group
I met Josh and Liz Fronduti from Clay Media Group a couple years ago at a coffee house gig in Hilliard, OH. I was looking for a local band to open for me, and I was doing a search on Reverbnation. I came across Clay and was impressed by their music and their music videos. I also learned that Josh and Liz have their own production company, Clay Media Group! Several months ago, I contacted Josh about possibly producing a promotional piece for me for the new album. We ended up spending a blistering hot afternoon in a back alley in Delaware, OH recording footage for the promotional video. We then returned to Josh’s studio to record the coffee house and acoustic guitar b-roll, and not long after we got inside, the skies opened with buckets of rain! God had carved out just enough time for us to get the outside footage we needed. In the end, I was quite impressed with Josh’s eye for camera angles, lighting and editing detail. You can see more of his production work at and his music at

For those who haven’t seen the EPK video yet, here it is:

Benjamin Scot Miller
A couple years ago, my sister Beth was reading a Women’s Day magazine in a doctor’s office in California. She came across an article about a couple whose son was born prematurely and spent several weeks at Children’s Hospital. She mailed me the article since our son, Joshua, had also spent eight days at Children’s Hospital. I thought I would try to email the father Ben and I looked him up on Facebook. Crazy enough, Ben and his wife attend a church we used to go to and he is also the lead photographer at a large clothing distribution company and owns a video production company! Ben took pictures for my 2015 Christmas single, This Christmastime, and I was so impressed with his work, I asked him to shoot photos for my new album. You can check out Ben’s video work and photography at

In conclusion, I’d like to say that I am really excited about how this project is coming together. It’s cool how the work of multiple people can complement one another. I wouldn’t be able to do it without the help from my friends!

The new single, Right Where You Want Me, debuts next Friday, November 11th.