Monday, September 28, 2015

Playing at Eddie's Run

We had a great time playing at Eddie's Run in Washington Courthouse, OH today. Thanks to Ed Hartshorn for inviting us to be a part of an awesome event!

Pictured from left to right on the stage are Eric Rice (acoustic guitar), Steve Hansen (bass), Marc Andre (vocals and keys), Andrew Simms (drums) and Eric Smith (electric guitar).

Pictured from left to right in the lower picture are Eric Rice (acoustic guitar), Andrew Simms (drums), Eddie Hartshorn Jr., Marc Andre (vocals and keys), Eric Smith (electric guitar) and Steve Hansen. (bass)

Here is more information about Eddie's Run:

"Eddie's Run is about making a way for people to come together for a great cause and have fun while helping the Special Needs! Eddie's Run is made up of 100% Volunteers and created to help Special Needs children and adults in many areas of their lives. The funds raised from this event are going to be funded to Fayette Progressive Industries Developmental Disabilities of Fayette County, Ohio. Eddie's Run is named after an autistic Special Needs child Eddie Hartshorn who is now an adult. Who did not know how to run until he was a teenager.
With help from his Dad he began to run. Eddie has gone on to win many Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals as a Special Olympics Athlete. You can learn more about Eddie on our Eddie's Story page. We invite you to come get involved because Eddie's Run Non-Profit is here to help many other Special Needs like Eddie to reach their dreams, their goals, and to never give up. To bring awareness to communities of the special needs who live among them. Proceeds from this event will raise funds to help provide uniforms, food and other assistance needed for events like Special Olympics, basketball, Prom, trips and other social activities, art supplies and classes. It will also help provide wheelchair accessible buses, fuel, food, workshop equipment and more. The Special Olympics give these amazing people, both children, and adults, self-worth and the opportunity to participate as athletes."

Learn more about Eddie's Run here: