Friday, November 26, 2004

Websites, Newspapers, and Television Ads

Have been updating the website ( Check out the new expanded "bio" and "news" sections. Also, click on "buy CD" to see the new store look. I'm learning lots of interesting stuff about Dreamweaver. =)

Today, I'm shipping a couple CDs out to some local newspapers which may be doing some reviews on "Backstage Pass." Also, working on the possibility of airing a television ad on SkyAngel televsion. Stay tuned for details. Please pray for God's will in these opportunities.

Now that the project is finished, I've really been trying to focus a lot on practicing piano. I have a couple keyboardists which play for me during shows, but I also need to be ready to play all the songs (from both CDs) from memory if I'm the keyboardist for the night. =) I took music theory back at Liberty University in 95-96, and I tell you, that stuff pays off. It may be boring at the time, but it makes a huge difference in song writing and performance. Keys are key.

Thank you to all of you who have been praying. I can feel the coverage. =)

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